The mediating influence of smartwatch identity on deep use and innovative individual performance

Apr 4th, 2020 | By | Category: RSS Feed


Given its personal and ubiquitous nature, the smartwatch can easily become infused into individuals’ daily lives, social roles, and relationships. This type of intertwinement of an information technology (IT) in the daily lives of individuals creates an IT identity. To understand this phenomenon in the personal IT context, this research draws from the IT identity and valence frameworks to examine how benefits and risks of smartwatch use affect deep use and innovative individual performance through smartwatch identity. Specifically, we examine how social interactions and belongingness (i.e., benefits) and privacy risk (i.e., risk) influence the building of the smartwatch identity, and in turn both deep use and innovative individual performance. Further, we explore the mediating influence of smartwatch identity. Using a survey, we collected data from 216 smartwatch users. The analysis provides evidence for the IT identity to deep use link and IT identity to innovative individual performance link. This work contributes to the IT identity literature by examining and showing how both positive and negative aspects of the smartwatch influence identity construction. This work also demonstrates the relationships between IT identity and performance, and deep use and performance. For practice, we offer insights for enhancing identity and performance.


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